Original SWAT® Boots

Original SWAT® boots in tactical, military spec, and safety styles are available at Showfety's. Showfety's provides 8" tactical Original SWAT® boots with or without side zipper, in waterproof uniform-code leather and 1000-denier nylon, or with composite safety toe. The classic 6" M.T. boot, and the 9" Air Force, Air M.T. tactical, and Military Spec boots are also featured in several colors and styles. Many of these Original SWAT® boots are equipped with a waterproof breathable membrane, meet the ASTM F1671-07 standards for blood borne pathogen resistance, and meet the ASTM F489-96 test standards for slip resistance.


Original SWAT® boots are engineered to provide all day comfort and tactical performance for law enforcement, military, EMTs, - professional public safety personnel - in the field and on city streets. What sets these boots apart from the competition? Lighter weight yet durable materials; wider foot; better traction; shock absorption and support; quality construction; and great pricing. Built to last with your comfort in mind, the antimicrobial moisture-wick lining helps keep your feet dry and cool. The lacing hardware consists of rust-proof eyelets through which flat laces (which prevent slippage) are laced. The 5mm (tooth size) zippers available on the side zip boots are more flexible and less prone to bursting under pressure. The types of materials used for shock absorption are air and compression-molded EVA, unlike memory foam, so you get total weight support whether you're working on concrete all day or trekking around the great outdoors. If you spend hours on your feet, get Original SWAT® boots - without breaking your budget.

1010 WinX2 Tactical 8
1010 WinX2 Tactical 8" Boot
1012 WinX2 Tactical 8
1012 WinX2 Tactical 8" Side Zip Boot
1020 WinX2 Tactical 8
1020 WinX2 Tactical 8" Waterproof Boot
1150 Classic 9
1150 Classic 9" Air Force Boot
1150W Classic 9
1150W Classic 9" Air Force Boot
1151 Classic 6
1151 Classic 6" M.T.
1151W Classic 6
1151W Classic 6" M.T
1152 Classic 9
1152 Classic 9" Side Zip
1152W Classic 9
1152W Classic 9" Side Zip
1160 Classic 9
1160 Classic 9" Light Safety Toe Side Zip Boot
1180 Dress Oxford Shoe
1180 Dress Oxford Shoe
1234 Air M.T. Tactical 9
1234 Air M.T. Tactical 9" Waterproof Boot
1260 Classic 9
1260 Classic 9" Tan Safety Toe Side Zip Boot
1261 Air 5
1261 Air 5" Safety Toe Side Zip Boot